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Audi cars are the most desirable cars among car lovers and their reliability makes them even more desirable. But as the car ages or even in the case of some new cars, it is common for transmission problems to surface. Many car owners are stressed about transmission problems but in Audi these problems are a little different and have different symptoms. It also depends on the model of Audi you have. Most common Audi transmission problems occur with cars that work on CVT. CVT is a type of automatic transmission which delivers seamless shifting and accelerations as it uses variable-width pulleys and a flexible belt. If you have CVT transmission audi, you may witness the following problems:

Rough Drive

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While most Audi cars glide on the road, you might witness a rough drive or wobbling if the car is suffering with transmission problems. You will also sense a vibration while shifting of gears and bucking sensation may be felt while driving on a higher speed. If your car is suffering with these symptoms, you must get the transmission of your car checked immediately. Avoid driving your car while the problem persists as this may be a safety issue.

Missing Transmission

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Along with turbulence while driving, a lot of car owners have complained about missed transmission. The most common of this is Audi A6 transmission slipping. This occurs usually because the RPM goes up but the car does not generate enough power to sustain the RPM.

Burnt Odor

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Drivers usually smell the engine burning. This is because of the overheating caused by the coolant leak. The fuel leaks to the exhaust and causes the burning smell to enter. car. In this case, the car should be turned off immediately and should not be driven until the repair is done.

Fluid Leaks

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Just like any other vehicle, fluid leaks are common in Audi vehicles especially if it has transmission problems. It doesn’t depend on what type of transmission your car has. Transmission fluid is important to optimize the engine power of your car. If the fluid is leaking and is not treated, it can damage your car and cause engine emergencies. Coolant leaks cause the engine to heat up and that is a potential threat to the driver and co-passengers. This needs to be checked immediately.

Interrupted Gear Shifting

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Many have complained about delayed shifting especially in the Audi A4 gearbox. This usually occurs in vehicles with CVT transmission and this requires immediate diagnosis. This is also related to fluid leaks and issues with the connecting belt.

Grinding Sounds

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If you notice grinding sounds especially when the gear mechanism shifts, it is a common Audi transmission problem. This occurs due to damaged needle bearings in the torque convertor and can be caused in any transmission variable. This sound usually comes from under the vehicle.

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Don’t ignore these issues. Call Toronto Transmission Centre for quick and cost-effective repair. This will save the long-term damage that these common Audi transmission problems may cause your vehicle.

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