Why change a transmission fluid?

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Maintenance of an automobile’s transmission system directly affects its longevity. Whether you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission or a manual one; both require proper grade of lubricants, maintenance services and attention. Both systems are subjected to the same physical stresses and abuse and are likely to suffer mechanical failure over time.

Transmission of any vehicle is a mass produced component. There are several factors that affect the lifespan of this system – in one vehicle the transmission may last for 10,000 miles; in another, it may last for 200,000 miles. How you drive the vehicle, how you maintain it and the kind of fluid you use in the vehicle all play an important role in the vehicle’s transmission.

Grades and types of Transmission fluids

There are nearly 50 types and grades of transmission fluids in the market. Although transmission systems are mass produced, they are also engineered to withstand specific types of fluids. Since every fluid is different, every time you change it; you are, in effect, changing the slipperiness during the clutch’s application and release phases. This in turn, affects the amount of heat generated during these phases which affects the rate of degradation of parts and materials.

Harsh Canadian Weather

Trucks used in harsh Canadian winters are also known to have shorter transmission lifespan. This is due to the fact that they go through hundreds of hours of heavy usage that generates a great deal of heat. The hotter the transmission, the shorter is its lifespan. The heat causes the fluids to break down as a result of which the components fail. The hot and aged fluids also cause the transmission pressure to increase or decrease beyond the permissible limits. The best thing you can do in this aspect is to schedule regular maintenance services to prevent these occurrences. During regular servicing, the transmission fluids are checked and changed if needed. The intervals at which such changes are required depend on the type of vehicle you drive.

Professional transmission service

When it comes to a car’s transmission; regularly scheduled maintenance is your best friend. With regularly servicing, you can avoid a great deal of headaches as well as potentially costly transmission repairs in the longer run. With regular maintenance, you get the fluid and filters replaced and this keeps the car’s system well-lubricated and cool. Both these factors are the key to long transmission life.

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