What Causes Transmission Problems in Cars?

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A certain transmission problem can possibly lead to a very expensive repair that can be a great pain in your neck. As to what the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure; that’s why it is better to determine the root cause of the problem than to just wait for your car transmission’s condition to go worse and worse until you can no longer use it or spend lump sum of money just to rebuild it.

Determining the problem may seem like a very impossible task to do, especially to those drivers with an untrained ears and eyes. Actually, this task is just as easy as pie because diagnosing your car transmission problems is just like diagnosing your very own body. Your vehicle’s transmission is one of the complex systems in your car that controls the applications of power right from your car engine down to the car’s drive shaft. Due to regular use, the transmission will be worn and torn over time than the other parts of your car because it is the only part that has great friction and heat which are produced by the transmissions many moving and interacting parts. Major issues or problems can possibly arise if your car’s transmission is not well-maintained and if the following symptoms and conditions are not given attention:

1. Low transmission fluid level – you can notice if the car has this certain symptom if the car transmission is slipping, has delayed gear engagement, has hard and erratic shifts, and also don’t have shifts. Another is that when you drive your car, even in just an hour, the transmission is overheated or when the transmission is completely not functioning. The cause of this is the leak of transmission fluid and one must repair it immediately by adding transmission fluid.

2. Transmission fluid leak – this is caused by damaged pan gasket or oil pan and loose oil cooler line, oil filler tube or a damaged O-ring. Another symptom is the damage or loose of Solenoid or sensor and of the transmission front seal. This is just a simple condition that requires simple solutions but in an immediate time. The owner can just simply locate and then repair the leak.

3. Transmission slipping – you can notice that your car engine rev higher than the normal but the car speed lags behind, there is a sluggish or delayed gear changes and the transmission is overheating. This condition is caused by oxidized or dirty fluid, low fluid level, failed solenoids, worn friction clutches and fluid level overfull. The most recommended action for this is to diagnose the cause of slipping and address it.

4. Hard shifts, shifts right into the wrong gears and have erratic shifts – you can notice that there are a wide variety of shift problems while you drive your car. This condition is caused by open electrical circuit, has low fluid levels, has an oxidized or dirty fluid, and a failed shift solenoid. The best thing that you can do with it is to diagnose the shift problems and do the possible actions to address it.

5. The car slips out of gear when the car warms up – this is a result when internal valves or seals allow the fluid to pass which causes pressure loss. you can address this by a transmission repair or rebuild.

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