Transmission Replacement Benefits for Engine Durability


There are two ways to resolve transmission issues: repair and replacement. Before you consider either, you should have a diagnostic performed by an expert to determine the state of your transmission and give you a recommendation on what to do. You should also ensure that whoever is performing a diagnostic on your car is certified to do so.

What the difference between transmission repair and replacement?

Transmission repair involves repairing or replacing the components that have failed or are damaged. Whist being the least expensive of the two, there is no guarantee that it will resolve the issue. Repairing transmission also requires an expert that has years of knowledge in transmission work.

Replacing a transmission is when you remove your old transmission completely and installing a brand new one. There are multiple benefits to replacing your transmission, such as:

Reliability: Transmission replacement virtually erases any issues that your old transmission had, which renews the vehicle’s reliability and durability. This may even improve your car’s reliability and allow you to use your car to its full extent, especially if your vehicle had a previous owner.

Performance: Because you’re replacing an older transmission with a newer one, your performance will get anywhere from a medium to strong boost. A newer transmission will allow faster gear ratios and smoother gear changes, even at highway speed.

Differences between new and rebuild transmissions

As said earlier, you can either get a new or rebuilt transmission when going for service. Most automotive companies will suggest a replacement, but it ensures the proper transmission in your vehicle. Getting a new transmission will be the best option either way, since you will benefit from updated parts, which are an improvement of those that had earlier failed in your car. This will limit the chances of getting similar problems again.

There are various ways through which you can prolong your car’s transmission life, starting with regular and proper fluid check. An external cooler can help to lower the excessive transmission heat produced when using a vehicle in stressing conditions like hauling loads or towing a trailer. Other tips include:

  • Regular checks for transmission leakage
  • Checking your car’s cooling system for strength, leaks and coolant levels
  • Waiting for the engine to warm up before driving
  • Having any transmission issues sorted out immediately and by experts

There are various indicators of transmission troubles, such as: grinding between gear shifts, trouble getting into gear and indication lights. Some issues will only require minor adjustments or service, but others will need extensive repairs. It is wise to have these checked out as soon as possible to limit further damage to the transmission and possible damage to the engine.

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