Common Transmission Problems

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Wondering how much it will cost to fix your transmission? Or how you can fix transmission problems with minimum hassle?

Transmission problems are exceedingly common, due to the intense wear and tear your transmission faces on a day-to-day basis. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll run down a few of the most common transmission problems, to help you figure out what exactly is going on with your machine.

Smells like its burningGears SlippingLeaking Transmission FluidShuddering Transmission

The most likely cause for a burning smell is overheated transmission fluid, which happens when the fluid becomes dirtied by debris. Sludge-like transmission fluid isn’t able to do its job and keep the parts lubricated. Before long, that will lead to serious damage.

Fixing this problem is all about catching it early. If you’re lucky, simply replacing your transmission fluid might do the trick and fix the transmission. A burning smell can be a sign of more serious issues, however. In all cases, it’s good to have your transmission looked at by a professional, before relatively minor problems snowball into real damage.

Transmission Fluid

It’s not uncommon for automatic transmission systems to experience “slipping”, where the mechanism slides from one gear to another without your say so. The easiest way to tell this is happening is when you feel the engine rev faster…but the speed of your vehicle doesn’t seem to match.

In the best case, this can simply be a symptom of a low transmission fluid, which is easily remedied (although it should be done quickly). More severe causes, meanwhile, might be worn out transmission bands or gears, or problems with the solenoid.

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Transmission Problems

Transmission fluid is absolutely crucial to the health of your transmission. It’s what keeps things cool and lubricated. A little leaking fluid in your driveway might not seem immediately problematic…but it can signal serious issues down the line. If you’re wondering whether or not the mystery liquid on the ground is actually transmission fluid, it helps to know that transmission fluid will be distinctly coloured (green or red) to help distinguish it from other liquids in your car.

There are several possible reasons for your leaking transmission. A gap in the lines could be the culprit, as could a space in the torque converter, fuel lines, pan gasket, or the in the seals that hold the parts together. If you’re wondering how to fix a transmission line leak, it’s generally best to let experts take a look. They can help diagnose the real cause and perform a long-lasting fix.

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Like a burning smell, a shuddering transmission is often attributable to contaminated transmission fluid. Debris in your fluid prevents sufficient pressure contacts when the transmission plates are applied, and leads to a shudder. Although this is not immediately a serious problem, it does require attention as quickly as possible. The fix for a shuddering transmission is often replacing the transmission fluid, or it may require something more.

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The Cost to Fix Your Transmission

Cost to Fix Your Transmission

The average cost to fix transmission problems will vary. A full replacement will be north of $2000CAD. Luckily, the price to fix your transmission may well be much lower—repairs are often much more affordable. Fixing a transmission leak, for example, may be merely in the low hundreds. 

Of course, considering how much it will be to fix a transmission relies on a host of factors. Ask a mechanic you trust to give a more detailed estimate so that you can work out how much it will be to fix your transmission with a solid degree of certainty.

How to Fix Your Transmission

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When it comes to work you can do yourself, it’s more about maintenance here than fixing your transmission on your own. One of the best ways to maintain the health of your transmission is to take care of your car when pushing it in severe circumstances.

For example, if you’re struggling up a hill, consider manually downshifting, which can take stress off your transmission. Regular checkups are also important. Make a habit of checking that your transmission fluid is clear red or green, and has a sweet smell—both of which indicate that it is clean and functional. Once again, transmission fixes can often be avoided by taking good care of your car before trouble arises.

For the more severe issues that do crop up, it’s likely best to reach out to a transmission repair professional…unless you’re an experienced mechanic yourself. If you find yourself asking, “how do I fix this transmission?” it’s a fairly sure sign that it’s worth bringing in an expert. Improper care can cause further damage, while high-quality repairs should ensure the health of your vehicle for the thousands of kilometres ahead.

Types of Transmission

Knowing the different types of transmissions used for vehicles and the common problems that can arise with each type can give great insight on the best fit for your needs.

Continuously Variable Transmission

This type of transmission has no gears and is more efficient than traditional automatic transmissions. Many hybrid vehicles come equipped with CVT. They are said to improve fuel economy of a vehicle by upwards of 5% when compared with a traditional automatic transmission. Since CVT has no gears, it offers a smooth ride from idle to high speed.

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One of the downsides of CVT transmission is that it can be noisy. Sometimes it can get stuck at a particular RPM, causing the car to rev loudly. This goes against the appeal of model modern cars and can make vehicles with this type of transmission a hard sell.

Some of the most common issues with CVT transmission are:

  • Loss of Power
  • Transmission Jerking
  • Transmission Slipping
  • CVT coolant hose leaks and failures
  • CVT error message being displayed

Manual Transmission

Also referred to as a gearbox, standard or stick shift, this type of transmission allows the driver to manually shift from one gear to the next using a hand gear and engaging the corresponding clutch with their foot. Typically, manual transmission comes with a 5 or 6 speed gears, with the 5-speed being the most common. Sports cars and luxury cars often will have the 6- speed transmission.

manual transmission

It’s important to note that many of the common problems experienced with manual transmissions are due to high mileage or the lack of proper maintenance. Even then, most of the issues are not with the transmission itself but with connected parts like the clutch. Some of the indications that you have a bad transmission are:

  • strange sounds
  • worn gear synchronizers
  • worn clutch
  • grinding noise when engaging the clutch
  • transmission that jumps out of gear and into neutral
  • difficulty shifting gears
  • car getting stuck in one gear
  • leaking transmission oil

Automatic Transmission

This type of transmission gives the car the ability to self-shift into the appropriate gear. As the car moves, it automatically changes from one gear to the next without any control from the driver. Since this type of transmission is a critical system in your vehicle, it can cost more to replace an automatic transmission than it does to replace an engine.

automatic transmission

Some of the common symptoms with the transmission are

  • failed needle roller bearings
  • a grinding or shaking sensation when the engine is on
  • car won’t move when it is in gear
  • strange noises like clunking or humming even when the car is in neutral
  • a burning smell
  • leaking fluid
  • the check engine light is on

Dual Clutch Transmission

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This twin transmission system (DCT) uses two separate clutches – one for odd gears and the other for even gears. Since it has different gears, it has more in common with the manual transmission than it does with automatic transmission. One of the huge advantages of this type of transmission is that it is fuel efficient.

Some drawbacks of DCT are:

  • transmission jerking due to delay in car settling into gear
  • clutch shudder
  • fluid contamination

Transmission Problems and Repairs in GTA

Are you having a problem with your transmission system? You do not have any idea on how to repair your car, so what are you going to do about it? Finding the right service provider to do the job can be a difficult task and getting your car fix right away calls for an expert and professional solution. One of the most common types of all vehicle problems involves transmission system condition. In most cases, vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover and Cadillac delicately needs a thorough transmission repair solution.

BMW Transmission Repair

 BMW Transmission Repair   logo

One of the best automobile models in the history includes BMW. Its high craftsmanship and details was noted to be classic. Most of the people are not aware of its maintenance process but one of the most complicated parts of BMW is the transmission system. Remember that transmission handles the BMW’s acceleration speed and its overall health depends on two important components which is the transmission fluid and transmission filter. Transmission Fluid helps to provide lubrication on the transmission, keeping it from the possibility of overheating.

While the ‘transmission filter’ acts as the trap to the abrasives and other metal bits preventing it to circulate through the ‘transmission fluid’. That is why once a problem occurs in the transmission system an immediate attention should be taken into consideration. Remember that BMW transmission system is somewhat delicate since it has thinner clutch plates, while transmission fluid should be changed and done carefully. In this case, it should be brought into a good automotive center, Toronto Transmission, which specializes in different kind of BMW models.

Mercedes Benz Transmission Repair

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Mercedes Benz transmission problems also involve tranny leakage and inadequate fluid level which may result in transmission breakdown. It is very much vital to check its fluid level especially that most of the transmission breakdown of Mercedes Benz typically involves fluid leakage. So, before you got stuck in the middle of the road because off this kind of transmission problem, it is better to seek for the best quality auto repair for your Mercedes right away.

There are certain high quality repair shops in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Concord and all across the GTA and York Region that offers transmission repair for any type of Mercedes model. Toronto Transmission is top rated and your best choice. We also include regular checkup and maintenance without you costing too much.

Range Rover Transmission Repair

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Range rover transmission system has one of the most durable types of transmission among other type of vehicle. Its parts were manufactured in-house and have a professional rebuilding process. That is why looking for the best auto repair shops that can do the job for Range rover transmission problems can be quite difficult. However, there are certain types of authorized and licensed range rover repair shops in Vaughan that offers high quality replacement, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance which specializes on different models of range rovers. Call Toronto Transmission today for your quick checkup.

Cadillac Transmission Repair

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Some of the common indicator that your Cadillac transmission has a problem includes: shifting gears, slipping transmission and noisy transmission sound. If this occurs, an immediate transmission repair is needed. If your transmission has a clunking noise, that means that the parts are hitting each other abnormally that may eventually cause failure on your car’s engine.

One of the most common Cadillac transmission repair includes replacing of transmission fluid/oil, rebuilt transmission and others depending on the severity of the problem. We provide best quality repair for different Cadillac models so as to get your vehicle in good running condition again.

Automatic Transmission Problems

Though there are many benefits in installing the automatic transmission, it is not without its share of problems too.   Being complex automated machinery, the problems that it can cause to the car can turn complicated if troubleshooting is not done in the earlier stages of the problems. Some of the problems that the vehicle owner needs to put up with are quite common and is found in almost all vehicles with an automatic transmission, however, some issues are specific.

There are basically two most common types of problems faced by car owners with Automatic transmissions fixed in their cars include:

transmission gear
  • Leakage. This is the most common problems that become noticeable when you see a pool of oil lying under the car where you have parked it. In case you notice such a leak it best to have it checked by a mechanic right away and when you do to ensure that the person is qualified in troubleshooting automatic transmission problems. We at Toronto Transmission ensure that the most suited person for the job is assigned the task. So if you want a person really capable of handling this come to us.
  • Clogged filter: The possibility of the filter getting clogged is another very commonly faced Automatic transmission problems and in most cases, a replacement of the filter is the usual remedy. Once you have changed the filter a lot of other automatic transmission problems are solved automatically.

Whatever be the reason for the malfunction of the automatic transmission, we at Toronto Transmission are sure to help you identify the problems and solve it in the right way. For a complete troubleshooting process of your automatic transmission problems, contact us right away!

Common Vehicle Transmission Problems

A car’s transmission handles a great deal of wear and tear and, over time you may start noticing that things are not the way they are supposed to be. This article lists typical signs of transmission trouble and also discusses ways and means of fixing them:

  • Manual transmission-While manual transmissions are a lot simpler than their automatic counterparts; things can still go wrong with them. A major problem with manual transmission is when it refuses to budge despite the clutch pedal being pushed or the stick shifter being moved. The common reason behind this problem is low transmission fluid levels, wrong viscosity of the fluid used, or misalignment of the clutch cables.
  • The transmission fluid inside a car is a vital element that prevents the transmission unit from burning up. Low or inadequate levels of fluids can indicate a leak in the system that must be fixed promptly.
  • The sounds produced by the transmission system, especially when the car is in neutral, indicates serious mechanical wear and tear, which, in turn, indicates that some parts require immediate replacement.
  • In some cases, the car’s transmission system may force the car to pop out of the gear it is in. In manual transmission, this may even force the car back into neutral. This is a sure indication that the car’s transmission must be looked at by an expert.
  • Dragging clutch is another common issue in vehicles with manual transmission. In such cases, the clutch fails to disengage the clutch-disk from the flywheel despite the pushing of the clutch-pedal. In a majority of such cases, the reason behind this is the weak linkage between the clutch pedal and the clutch disk; the latter does not have enough leverage for disengagement from the flywheel. The result: a grinding noise each time the driver attempts to shift it.
  • If you notice transmission fluid in your driveway, it is clearly an indication that you have a leak in your system. Under normal circumstances, automatic transmission fluid is characterized by a clear, bright red color and a sweet smell. If the fluid is dark and has a burnt smell; you need to get it changed from your auto repair shop.
  • Most new car models have a check light that indicates when you need to get the transmission looked at. While the light may come on for several reasons other than transmission errors, it is best not to overlook this clear warning sign.

These are just a few common transmission problems that must not be ignored. Whining, clunking, grinding or humming sounds are all clear indications that the transmission is not functioning the way it should be.

If you think your car is influenced by one or more of listed transmission problems, take it for a test in our Toronto based transmission service centre.

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Transmission Problems Bringing Your Down? Look No Further Than Us!

When transmission problems plague your precious vehicle—whether you own a Honda, Ford or Audi—we are the go-to professionals that you can rely on. If you have a transmission problem, you have a few choices available to you: replacement or new system. Often, transmission problems can be fixed with replacement parts, for a much lower cost than a brand new system. Why spend all that money on a new transmission when you can fix what you’ve already got? That’s where we can help.

Our mechanics can take a look at your vehicle and assess the damage, then provide a free estimate. Did you know we beat any competitive price in Ontario? It’s true! So rest easy knowing we’re giving you the most honest and dependable price around for your Mercedes, Volkswagen or Hyundai transmission problem.

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Is your car shaking and overheating? Perhaps it’s the clutch that’s to blame. Does your car suffer from low fluid? The driveshaft, input and transmission gasket seals could be the culprits. Hearing noises coming from the transmission? Could be the needle bearings. Or maybe you just need general maintenance to keep your car in tip-top shape. Of course you don’t have the time to fix these problems yourself—how could you, what with family commitments, work and a host of other daily routines? That’s where we come in. Rely on us to check out what’s wrong, provide you with an estimate and then perform the work quickly and on time, to get you back on the road.

We fix all makes and models of car transmissions, from Toyota and Nissan to BMW and Mercedes. As area leaders in automatic transmission repair, you can trust us to handle the job from beginning to end.

Transmission Rebuild Toronto

Your transmission is the lifeblood of your vehicle, responsible for directing power from your engine to the driveshaft. When the transmission fails, your car simply doesn’t go. We know how busy you are, so we can get your car back up and running quickly. One thing you can do on your own to ensure smooth operation of your transmission is to follow regular preventive maintenance procedures, allowing it to perform better and require fewer repairs over time. But when you do encounter problems, we are the ones to choose. We even offer a two-year warranty for your peace of mind. (Available Upon Request)

We are the leaders in automatic transmission valve body repair in the area. Trust us to handle the job from beginning to end. All you have to do is give us a call or drop by and speak with one of our transmission problem specialists. With many years of experience under our belts, you can rest assured that our team can tackle any transmission problems your vehicle may have. You won’t be disappointed with our customer service and mechanical transmission work. Give us a try today!

Visit us in Concord. We provide Transmission repairs all kinds of vehicles.

What Causes Transmission Problems in Cars?

A certain transmission problem can possibly lead to a very expensive repair that can be a great pain in your neck. As to what the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure; that’s why it is better to determine the root cause of the problem than to just wait for your car transmission’s condition to go worse and worse until you can no longer use it or spend lump sum of money just to rebuild it.

Transmission Repair Toronto

Determining the problem may seem like a very impossible task to do, especially to those drivers with an untrained ears and eyes. Actually, this task is just as easy as pie because diagnosing your car transmission problems is just like diagnosing your very own body. Your vehicle’s transmission is one of the complex systems in your car that controls the applications of power right from your car engine down to the car’s drive shaft. Due to regular use, the transmission will be worn and torn over time than the other parts of your car because it is the only part that has great friction and heat which are produced by the transmissions many moving and interacting parts. Major issues or problems can possibly arise if your car’s transmission is not well-maintained and if the following symptoms and conditions are not given attention:

  • Low transmission fluid level – you can notice if the car has this certain symptom if the car transmission is slipping, has delayed gear engagement, has hard and erratic shifts, and also don’t have shifts. Another is that when you drive your car, even in just an hour, the transmission is overheated or when the transmission is completely not functioning. The cause of this is the leak of transmission fluid and one must repair it immediately by adding transmission fluid.
  • Transmission fluid leak – this is caused by damaged pan gasket or oil pan and loose oil cooler line, oil filler tube or a damaged O-ring. Another symptom is the damage or loose of Solenoid or sensor and of the transmission front seal. This is just a simple condition that requires simple solutions but in an immediate time. The owner can just simply locate and then repair the leak.
  • Transmission slipping – you can notice that your car engine rev higher than the normal but the car speed lags behind, there is a sluggish or delayed gear changes and the transmission is overheating. This condition is caused by oxidized or dirty fluid, low fluid level, failed solenoids, worn friction clutches and fluid level overfull. The most recommended action for this is to diagnose the cause of slipping and address it.
  • Hard shifts, shifts right into the wrong gears and have erratic shifts – you can notice that there are a wide variety of shift problems while you drive your car. This condition is caused by open electrical circuit, has low fluid levels, has an oxidized or dirty fluid, and a failed shift solenoid. The best thing that you can do with it is to diagnose the shift problems and do the possible actions to address it.
  • The car slips out of gear when the car warms up – this is a result when internal valves or seals allow the fluid to pass which causes pressure loss. you can address this by a transmission repair or rebuild.
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