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There are certain components in the car which last for decades. However some components need to be looked at and inspected at least once a year. Maintenance of the transmission system of any automobile is highly imperative, owing to the fact that proper functioning will not be possible without it. The transmission of a car bears a lot of functionalities, the primary one amongst them is to transfer power from the engine to the wheels of the car. Mentioned below are instructions to help you maintain your car transmission system on an annual basis.

Instructions to Maintain an Automobile’s Transmission System

With every car comes an instruction manual, which has the whole procedure for maintaining the transmission system. This procedure is always described in detail in the manual. Just in case the manual is lost, a new manual can always be downloaded from the internet, without any hassles whatsoever.

  • Go out for a 20-min ride as this will help the engine to heat up the fluids that are present inside it.
  • Now, the car has to be parked somewhere in the open, and the engine should be exposed to the atmosphere for a short span of time. Pull up the hood of the car and expose the engine.
  • Once the lid of the hood is opened, a ring-labeled transmission will be exposed.
  • There is fluid dipstick, which is immersed inside a ring. This dipstick has to be pulled out and cleaned properly. Throughout this time, wearing gloves is mandatory.
  • Now, the fluid dipstick has to be inserted back into the transmission ring and once again it will be covered in fluid. Through this process, the fluid level will be known and in the case that more fluid is required, it has to be dropped into the transmission container.

Transmission Maintenance by Transmission Experts in Toronto

It is strongly advised to take assistance from a fuel mechanic when replacing the fuel dipstick. If the color of the fluid darkens, then it is vital to change the fuel immediately. Moreover, there are times when the fuel starts giving out a burning odor. In this case also, the fuel should be changed immediately. The color of the fluid for transmission has to be of clear, reddish shade. The odometer readings of the car have to be monitored in order to ascertain whether the servicing of the car is due or not.

As per the general rule, the transmission system of a car should be serviced after every 24000 miles. Many automobile manufacturers prescribe dates for servicing while giving away cars to customers. These dates should be adhered to. It is strongly advised to refrain from driving in extreme heat, as then the fuel burns at a higher rate, and darkens sooner.

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