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Transmission Flush TorontoYou may be wondering what the difference between a fluid replacement and transmission flush is and whether a transmission flush is good for your vehicle. While many people believe that a transmission flush is harmful to your vehicle, the truth is that most mechanics use such good techniques and technologically advanced machines that there is no potential harm to your transmission. Toronto Transmission offers transmission flush services alongside our fluid replacement services.

How Does a Transmission Flush Work?

Most machines used for transmission flushes operate by pushing new transmission fluid though the transmission cooler lines, while forcing the old fluid into a separate tank. This removes potential clogs and debris, and prevents the possibility of valve hang ups and other issues. The process of a transmission flush is generally performed by:

  1. Performing the flush
  2. Removing the pan and changing the transmission filter

Doing the flush like this allows all debris to be washed out, and cleans up the coolers and cooler lines in your vehicle’s transmission. This process is actually very beneficial to your car’s transmission, and helps to ensure the longevity of it’s various parts. The process of transmission flush helps to clear out all the debris and residue that is left behind by the old transmission fluid.  You can either use a transmission flushing machine to clean it yourself or you can come to us at Toronto Transmission to get the transmission flush done by professional transmission specialists.

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The Benefits of a Transmission Flush

By getting a transmission flush done, you can maintain a vehicle that functions efficiently for a long time as well as get rid of all contaminants that remain from old fluid which is harmful to the vehicle as well as it’s transmission. To get the process of transmission flush underway all you need to do is to get in touch with us. Contact us today for more information about how you can get a proper transmission flush done by professionals. Our company’s representatives will immediately get in touch. We not only possess the skills and the knowledge needed to perform a correct flush procedure, but the high quality equipment that is necessary to ensure that the transmission flushing process is completed in the right way.

Our company is dedicated to helping our customers solve all their transmission repair, replacement and rebuilding needs. We repair transmission leaks, exchange parts and offer a complete array of other mechanical services within the GTA Region. We are conventionality located in Toronto, for easy access from Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga and Scarborough. We service all major car makes and models, with specialty in Japanese and European models.

Despite the mixed views on the benefits of transmission flushes, we guarantee that this process is a good means to increase the lifespan of your transmission. It is always good to follow your manufacturer’s advice and ensure the flushing process is done by a reputable transmission service provider like Toronto Transmissions.

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