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Transmission Replacements with Toronto Transmission

Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your car, as it keeps it running smoothly and operating in full condition. As it’s such an important part, it’s also very important to keep in working order. Your transmission needs a lot of care, and over the years will have a tendency to wear down. often, the costs of repairing your transmission get larger and larger over the years. In this eventuality, it may be a better option to go for a transmission replacement or rebuild. Here at Toronto Transmission we can help you select the best option for a transmission not performing up to par, and are always ready with solutions to your problem. Some of the options we can provide you with include:

Transmission Replacement
  • We can help you to choose a brand new transmission to replace the old one – one that is compatible to your vehicle, cost effective and worth the investment.
  • We can help you locate and buy a used or rebuilt transmission to replace your malfunctioning one.
  • We can rebuild your transmission, for the best cost-efficiency and guaranteed durability.
  • We can help you purchase spare parts or transmission rebuild kits necessary to rebuild your transmission if you have the technological and mechanical know-how.

The Benefits of Transmission Replacement

Sometimes your transmission is simply too worn down, has too many failing parts and problems, and requires too many adjustments for a rebuild to be an economical option. While rebuilding is the best option if you detect problems early, later issues may arise due to unforeseen complications or un-diagnosed issues. For these reasons, in certain situations a full transmission replacement is the better option.

Here’s when you should consider a transmission replacement over a transmission rebuild:

Benefits of Transmission Replacement
  • If your transmission is completely unusable, but the rest of the car is in working condition.
  • If the cost of replacement parts exceeds the cost of a new transmission.
  • If your transmission has limited replacement parts available on the market, such as with older vehicles.

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The Drawbacks of Transmission Replacement

In addition to not being the most cost effective option, transition replacements can be unpredictable, in particular when you’re getting a used or rebuilt one installed. Used transmissions vary in longevity and how they will impact your vehicle’s performance. While they’re generally not often recommended, they are a better short term option than investing in rebuilding your transmission.

A new transmission is the most expensive means to fix your transmission, meaning it’s usually people’s last resort. You should also be wary of the categorization “new,” as dealers often try to pass off rebuilt transmissions as new ones, which is likely to cause your car issues down the road.

Choose Toronto Transmission for Quality Replacements

As no mechanical part or device will last forever, we recommend regular checkups for your transmission to prevent the need for a replacement. Care and preventative maintenance are crucial to ensuring your transmission will last. However, if necessary, a transition replacement from Toronto Transmission is you best bet. We offer top quality new and rebuilt transmissions, and can offer you advice on on all manner of transmission repairs, replacements and rebuilds. We also offer preventative maintenance and check-ups for all your transmission needs. Please take a look at our services for more information as to what we can offer you today.

Toronto Transmission is your best local transmission and mechanical shop. We specialize in transmission repair, and are the number one rated manual and automatic transmission repair shop in Toronto. Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, your Toronto Transmission technician can help you determine which if any repairs or replacements are necessary for your vehicle based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. We offer a variety of services for all car makes and models, specializing in European and Japanese cars.

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