Automatic Transmission Fluid Changes

Automatic Transmission Fluid Changes

Automatic Transmission Fluid Changes with Toronto Transmission

Your transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating, cooling and cleaning your internal transmission parts. Overtime, your fluid’s additives will deplete and the fluid will be less useful to your transmission. Most car manufacturers recommend that it be replaced periodically, depending on how much you drive. You should also check your transmission every few months. There is a lot of debate as to how often your fluid needs to be replaced, but the general consensus is that the more you drive, the more often it should be. Most will recommend that you get regular checks every few months, especially if you drive often and for longer distances.

What is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is a chemical solution is meant to lubricate, cool and clean the internal portions of your car’s transmission. Additives in the fluid can deplete over time, meaning it should be replaced regularly to keep your transmission running smoothly. Your local gas stations and automotive supply stores may stock new transmission fluid for replacement. However, we recommend that you go to a professional to change your fluid as the process is often tricky.

Should I Change my Transmission Fluid?

Why Should I Change my Transmission Fluid?

As your transmission fluid is responsible for some important functions, it’s generally best to change it according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Changing your car’s transmission fluid not only reduces your chances for encountering future transmission problems, but improves the longevity of your car’s engine. Replacing your fluid and filter will remove impurities and replace them with cleaner, better grade fresh fluid. Regular fluid replacements prevent transmission issues, as well as engine problems. Getting regular transmission checks can allow you to have a better idea of how often you should change your transmission fluid, and whether everything is alright with your car. We offer other services such as: transmission leak repairs, transmission rebuilding, transmission replacements and general auto transmission repair service.

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Why Choose Toronto Transmission?

Here at Toronto Transmission, we make it our number one priority to offer you affordable transmission rates while keeping your transmission running smoothly and properly. Our company is dedicated to helping our customers solve all their transmission repair, replacement and rebuilding needs. We repair transmission leaks, exchange parts and offer a complete array of other mechanical services within the GTA Region. We are conventionality located in Toronto, for easy access from Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga and Scarborough. We service all major car makes and models, with specialty in Japanese and European models.We offer transmission repairs, rebuilding, replacements, check-ups, maintenance and offer a variety of other car services in the Toronto. We have been in service since 1989, making us one of the oldest and most reliable transmission specialists in the GTA.

Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, your Toronto Transmission technician can help you determine which if any repairs or replacements are necessary for your vehicle based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. We offer a variety of services for all car makes and models, specializing in European and Japanese cars.

To learn more about our transmission fluid change procedures and techniques, contact us for details.

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