Nissan CVT Transmission Problems

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While Nissan Cars are one of the most advanced and reliable cars in the world today, many car owners have noticed transmission problems with their vehicles, especially in case of the CVT mechanism which is common in many new as well as slightly old Nissan cars.

What Is CVT Transmission:

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But before knowing and troubleshooting Nissan CVT transmission problems, you must know what CVT stands for. While other transmissions provide a fixed number of gears and have hard shifts, CVT or continuously variable transmission enables a seamless change of continuous range of gear ratios while driving a car. CVT transmission is also known as single speed, step-less, and shiftless transmission.

How to Know if Your Vehicle Is Prone to CVT Transmission Problems?

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If your car is manufactured between 2013 and 2018, you may have face Nissan CVT transmission issues. If your car is between 2003 to 2010, reach out to the dealership to know if the extended warranty program by Nissan is available on your car. In general, popular Nissan cars like Pathfinder, Sentra, Altima Quest, Versa, Versa Note, Rogue, Juke, Murano and Maxima may face these transmission problems.

What Are the Symptoms of Nissan CVT Transmission Issues?

To Identify Issues with Nissan Cvt Transmission, Look for The Following Symptoms:

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  • Loss of power of the car.
  • Transmission slipping
  • Transmission jerking
  • CVT coolant hose leak
  • CVT error code display
  • Difficulty accelerating
  • Shaking and/or stuttering during acceleration
  • Transmissions running too hot
  • Transmissions shutting down without warning

What Should I Do if I Am Facing Problems with CVT Transmission?

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For some vehicles with CVT transmission and 5 to 10 years of age, Nissan extended the company warranty which covers repairs, replacements and towing due to transmission issues. Take your vehicle to Nissan dealership to check it’s eligibility for the warranty. For the vehicle owners who are not eligible for this warranty and have been facing transmission issues, it is recommended to not drive the car and sell it off to buy a new one.

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But since this is an expensive affair, many resort to joining the class action lawsuit against Nissan to seek compensation. This comes with its own pros and cons. The tiresome procedure being one. To and fro consultation with lawyers in another reason why many car owners are considering not joining the lawsuit.

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However, if the CVT transmission issue has proven to hamper your safety, we recommend seeking legal help to recover the damage. Many class action lawsuits have already been filed against the company and one such lawsuit led the company to make extended warranty arrangements for certain models under certain conditions. Due to these issues, many new customers are hesitant to buy Nissan vehicles.

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If you have been facing transmission problems and your car is not covered under warranty, reach out to Toronto Transmission Centre. We take care of all transmission problems for all cars new and old. With our experience in the business in 1989 and guaranteed low prices, we can help you overcome your Nissan CVT transmission problems while helping you save your money and efforts on lawsuits. Call us for more information!

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