New Transmission or New Car?

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Car transmissions will fail every now and then. Some signs of this include buzzing, grinding and growling among, others. For most people this leaves a dilemma of whether to go for a new transmission or simply get another brand new car. Taking the time to analyze the situation will assist you in making the best and most informed decision.

Opting for new transmission rather than buying a new car
Purchasing a new car will surely cost you thousands of dollars, and you can really save a lot by simply opting for a new transmission. However, the main question should be whether the replacement transmission you get will perfectly fit in like the original transmission. This is where you should rely on professional advice from experts in rebuilding car transmissions, but be cautious of the market hype.
With the original transmission that was installed in the factory, a car will perfectly start in harmony with the engine. This should also be the case with the new transmission to ensure that rings and gears fit in together with accuracy and precision whether the car is operating at low or high speeds.
Some people are so obsessed with their current rides that they will still go for the same make and model once the transmission of the old car fails. Such people do not benefit from updated parts since manufacturers keep on updating various vehicle parts as they fail. Going for a new transmission will, therefore, see you benefit from the updated parts compared to buying and old car model.

Choosing a transmissions repair company

When shopping for a new car transmission, ensure that you get the latest make since some may look new but were built some years ago. This will see you benefit from updated parts. The easiest way of locating transmission repair companies is to search online, and the search results will provide a huge number of them. You can then compare them to make sure that you get the best in terms of:

  • Experience to ensure you get quality services
  • Professionalism and affordability
  • Warranties and special offers

Deciding on whether to opt for new transmission or new car should be pretty easy with professional advice and you will be guaranteed of this at Toronto Transmission. Having rebuilt transmissions since 1989, the experts at the company possess significant experience to provide you with the best and quality services. This will then be followed by a 2-years warranty (Available Upon Request). Treatment can take hours or sometimes a couple of days depending on the repairs required.

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