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Nissan Vehicles are known for their durability and reliability. Many new car owners and drivers with family prefer buying Nissan cars for their range and safety. Infiniti G35 is one the most popular sedans by Nissan. However, every car is prone to some problems, especially when it gets older. Knowing common Infiniti transmission problems can help you find the signs of damage early and seek repair before it is too late.

Most Common Infiniti Transmission Problems

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Low Battery Voltage

This is one of the most common G35 transmission problems. If you find your car stuck in limp mode, the battery voltage of the car is low. Limp mode occurs when the car will not change gears and gets stuck in the 2nd or 3rd gear. You must check the battery water or change the battery if it is too old.

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Damaged Torque Converter

Incase the torque converter is damaged or faulty, you will hear shuddering noises. This Infiniti transmission problem also causes your car to overheat, jam the gear and stall the engine.

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Low Transmission Fluid Level

Your Infinity gear can undergo erratic shifting, delayed shifting or even limp mode if the transmission fuel liquid is low. In this case, you may also hear loud roaring or grinding. You must check and fix the level of transmission fluid immediately in this case.

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Damaged TFT Sensor

The TFT sensor tells us about the temperature of the transmission liquid. If this is faulty, you might find your car going in limp mode or overheating. It is important to diagnose the TFT sensor otherwise, it will cause more serious transmission problems for your car.

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Communication Failure

This happens when the Electronic Control Unit or your car cannot communicate with the Transmission Control Module. If this is left ignored, the wiring of your car may be damaged further. You might also notice that the engine of your car is stalling and your car is not performing to its optimum.

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Problematic Valve Body

The valve body of your car consists of various components. Even if one component fails to function, it can cause major transmission problems. In this case, it is recommended to go for a G35 or a G37 valve body upgrade depending on the model of your car.

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Faulty Brake Light Switch

In case of a faulty brake light switch, you will notice that your gear is stuck. The shifter may be stuck on park or unable to get to the park setting. You can hear jamming or shuddering noises from your vehicle.

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A/T Interlock

In case of A/T Interlock, the Transmission Control Module will not receive signals from various sensors of your car. This may lead to your car going in limp mode or cause troubled or jammed shifting of the gear.

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Problematic Vehicle Speed Sensor

A faulty vehicle speed sensor will harm your Infiniti G35 transmission. You will notice harsh shifting or your car will enter an emergency shift mode. The Vehicle Speed Sensor sends signals to the Powertrain Control Module which gets blocked if the sensor is faulty.

For your safety, we recommend that you should not drive your car till you don’t get transmission problems repaired.

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