How to Rebuild Your Transmission

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Have ever experienced an instance that while you are driving your vehicle, you noticed that it takes you more time to shift it than you normally does? Or it jerks weirdly when it does shifts. Well, that is a sound sign that your car’s transmission is going real bad and you would need to do some quick actions about it before things got even worse which can be such a pain in your neck. The transmission of your vehicle is important to be at its best condition as much as possible because it is the one that shifts your car from gear to gear and the one that tells how quick or fast you need to safely drive and run the engine.

No matter how much we love our car, we may not always be able to take care of it regularly. There will always be an instance that the ravages of time will catch up with your car, so it is very important for you to know all about transmission rebuild practices because when your car transmission gets tired and is no longer functioning properly, you have no other choice but to rebuild it to give your car and its transmission a new lease on its life and even add long years to your relationship with your car. Rebuilding a transmission is not really a hard task because some transmission repairs can be effectively done without having the need for a full transmission rebuild.

If the parts of the transmission that require replacement are very much accessible or if the problem is just electrical, it is possible to repair or rebuild your car’s transmission without actually removing it from the car. Though it is possible, experts highly recommend that you must look at the big picture first right from the very start because once the parts of your car’s transmission are ruined or damaged, the worst that can happen is that the more of its parts are likely be damaged too once your process starts and it can be really disappointing. An effective transmission rebuild can save you both money and time in the long run.

Here are some steps on how to rebuild your transmission:
1. Diagnose or determine the main reason or root cause of the whole problem. In this way, you and your transmission mechanic can make an informed and right choice about the proceedings that will be done with your transmission rebuild goals. Once you have already decided, then you can actually start the rebuilding processes.
2. The first step in rebuilding your car transmission is to remove the transmission right from your car and then dismantle it.
3. Clean the transmission chemically by running it right through a certain parts washer.
4. On a clean rebuild platform or bench, replace all the necessary parts of the transmission, the seals and gaskets with new ones.
5. Effectively do the necessary electrical repairs that are needed in the process.
6. Include some updated parts in order to improve the whole performance of the transmission as well as lengthen its life because, as you can see, there might be some advances in your transmission parts and modern technology since your car came out from its factory.
7. Lastly, reinstall the transmission in your car.

Once the rebuild is completed, your vehicle’s transmission will be as good as it was before or will be better like a brand new car.

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