Common Transmission Problems

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Wondering how much it will cost to fix your transmission? Or how you can fix transmission problems with minimum hassle?

Transmission problems are exceedingly common, due to the intense wear and tear your transmission faces on a day-to-day basis. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll run down a few of the most common transmission problems, to help you figure out what exactly is going on with your machine.

Smells like its burningGears SlippingLeaking Transmission FluidShuddering Transmission

The most likely cause for a burning smell is overheated transmission fluid, which happens when the fluid becomes dirtied by debris. Sludge-like transmission fluid isn’t able to do its job and keep the parts lubricated. Before long, that will lead to serious damage.

Fixing this problem is all about catching it early. If you’re lucky, simply replacing your transmission fluid might do the trick and fix the transmission. A burning smell can be a sign of more serious issues, however. In all cases, it’s good to have your transmission looked at by a professional, before relatively minor problems snowball into real damage.

Transmission Fluid

It’s not uncommon for automatic transmission systems to experience “slipping”, where the mechanism slides from one gear to another without your say so. The easiest way to tell this is happening is when you feel the engine rev faster…but the speed of your vehicle doesn’t seem to match.

In the best case, this can simply be a symptom of a low transmission fluid, which is easily remedied (although it should be done quickly). More severe causes, meanwhile, might be worn out transmission bands or gears, or problems with the solenoid.

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Transmission Problems

Transmission fluid is absolutely crucial to the health of your transmission. It’s what keeps things cool and lubricated. A little leaking fluid in your driveway might not seem immediately problematic…but it can signal serious issues down the line. If you’re wondering whether or not the mystery liquid on the ground is actually transmission fluid, it helps to know that transmission fluid will be distinctly coloured (green or red) to help distinguish it from other liquids in your car.

There are several possible reasons for your leaking transmission. A gap in the lines could be the culprit, as could a space in the torque converter, fuel lines, pan gasket, or the in the seals that hold the parts together. If you’re wondering how to fix a transmission line leak, it’s generally best to let experts take a look. They can help diagnose the real cause and perform a long-lasting fix.

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Like a burning smell, a shuddering transmission is often attributable to contaminated transmission fluid. Debris in your fluid prevents sufficient pressure contacts when the transmission plates are applied, and leads to a shudder. Although this is not immediately a serious problem, it does require attention as quickly as possible. The fix for a shuddering transmission is often replacing the transmission fluid, or it may require something more.

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The Cost to Fix Your Transmission

Cost to Fix Your Transmission

The average cost to fix transmission problems will vary. A full replacement will be north of $2000CAD. Luckily, the price to fix your transmission may well be much lower—repairs are often much more affordable. Fixing a transmission leak, for example, may be merely in the low hundreds. 

Of course, considering how much it will be to fix a transmission relies on a host of factors. Ask a mechanic you trust to give a more detailed estimate so that you can work out how much it will be to fix your transmission with a solid degree of certainty.

How to Fix Your Transmission

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When it comes to work you can do yourself, it’s more about maintenance here than fixing your transmission on your own. One of the best ways to maintain the health of your transmission is to take care of your car when pushing it in severe circumstances.

For example, if you’re struggling up a hill, consider manually downshifting, which can take stress off your transmission. Regular checkups are also important. Make a habit of checking that your transmission fluid is clear red or green, and has a sweet smell—both of which indicate that it is clean and functional. Once again, transmission fixes can often be avoided by taking good care of your car before trouble arises.

For the more severe issues that do crop up, it’s likely best to reach out to a transmission repair professional…unless you’re an experienced mechanic yourself. If you find yourself asking, “how do I fix this transmission?” it’s a fairly sure sign that it’s worth bringing in an expert. Improper care can cause further damage, while high-quality repairs should ensure the health of your vehicle for the thousands of kilometres ahead.

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